Life Is Rough

by Bloodlines

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released July 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Bloodlines Sanford, North Carolina

We're a melodic hardcore band from a small town in North Carolina. All we want to do is make music and makes sure it reaches the ears of people no matter where they may live. PLEASE take the time to check us out on facebook to stay updated on what we're up to.
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Track Name: Life Is Rough
None of us are perfect,
stop trying to correct your traits,
that you think are flaws.
Everyone of us is a character,
so be fucking proud.

This is who I am,
and I won't break.
I'm not scared,
to face the world.
I have control,
over who and what I am.
Anyone who doesn't like it,
can eat shit.

Stop chasing something that you can't get.

Life is rough,
so do all you can,
if that's not enough,
then just accept what you've got.
Track Name: Imbalanced
This is war.
You started a riot,
something you couldn't control,
now your life,
is in my hands.
I'll do what I please,
with your soul,
and there's nothing you can do to stop me now.
To stop me now.
Let's see just how angry you really are.
Do you wanna die?
I didn't think so.
You coward.
There's something foul,
about a martyr.
You are pathetic,
in more than one sense.
I would help you,
if you weren't so fucking arrogant.
These knuckles break,
Across your skull.

Track Name: Alienated
What is the difference between,
window shopping and dreams?

You can't strip me of my life,
You can't tell me I'm out of time.
This is my call to arms.
I'm not a past memory,
I won't handle things,
by causing my life harm.

This is our time.

Get off your knees,
and live for yourself.

The only person you owe something is yourself.
You aren't damned to hell.

Live for yourself.
Track Name: Pandemic
We're not dead.

Falling victim to a world of ignorance,
There's more to us than this.
Stop calling him our God,
he's no father of mine.
We're exactly where we started.

I don't know how to fix my life,
but I'm giving it my all.

They say that hell is my home,
they say I'll pay for the life I live.
This is sickening,
show us your true colors.
Give us some room to breathe,
because we're choking,
on everything,
you've been shoving down our throats
Track Name: A Clear View
I won't let this world lessen my dreams,
I will not accept your terms, a false reality.
I mold my own life and morals,
and I will stand tall.
All those years ago,
It was a future that I saw.

Future for myself, free of grief.
A work in progress, it's the only thing I still


I spent too long,
searching for myself in someone else.
I don't know about you,
but I believe in myself.
This is the only thing I have left,
and I won't let it go.
Till' the day that I die,
whether I'm young or old.

I'm not looking for a way out,
I'm looking for a way back in.
A way into myself,
and all the places that I've been.

I'll analyze myself,
to be the best that I can.
I'll make myself proud,
or at least that's the plan.

Dig deep,
Fight hard,
My heart.
Track Name: Not Yet
I don't wanna die,
It's not my time.

Even though it's not fair,
these are the cards I've been dealt.
I swear I'll come out,
with a win under my belt.

Keep running, keep running,
keep running from the obvious.
Face the facts, face the facts,
a failure from the start.
Fuck you, I know my worth,
I will conquer this.
Fuck you, I stand proud,
I've got a life to live.
This is my life.